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The most powerful empire in human history is rushing headlong toward destruction ending our species’ supremacy in the known galaxyTwo men with widely divergent visions are on a mission to save civilization in at least one sector far from the imperial capital where a demented ruler holds sway  The first Jonas Morane wants to create an impregnable vault containing humanity’s accumulated knowledge so those who survive the coming darkness can rebuild in decades instead of millennia  The other Devy Custis seeks to fend off collapse by founding a new empire in the Coalsack Sector one free of the madness that caused this civil war  But will either resist the ravages of a genocidal empress bloodmaddened barbarians and scheming admiralsUnfortunately the vicissitudes of fate abetted by greed and lust for power could destroy both before they make their dreams a realityImperial Twilight is the second installment in Eric Thomson’s saga Ashes of Empire the story of a desperate attempt to preserve one last spark of civilization so that humanity does not vanish from the galaxy
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