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Sinopsis de I AM JESSICA
A SHOCKING 1989 QUADRUPLE FAMILY MURDER AND THE LITTLE GIRL LEFT BEHIND TO TELL THE STORYAs a child I was known as Jessica Pelley When I was nine I went to a sleepover at a friend39s house for the weekend While I was away my entire family was murdered I would spend the next 30 years fighting crawling and clawing my way through the darkness This wasn39t just a national news headline a cold case or a true crime show It was my family And my life I was the broken little girl left behind to tell this story I am now Jessi in the pages of this unapologetic memoir set free* * *Say goodbye to your sleep This is one of the craziest truecrimestoriesturnedmemoirs ever written For those readers looking for one heck of a story this is it True crime junkies buckle up This is the untold story of my cousin Jessica Pelley And we don39t sugarcoat a thingBE WARNED This book depicts real events that deal with violence trauma and the difficult emotions experienced by a person who survived a horrific tragedy Parts may be triggering for some trauma survivors Does contain some profanity   
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