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Sinopsis de I AM A ROHINGYA
ISBN: 9781911469698 Género: Sinópsis: lpgaquot;The Rohingya poets gathered here for the first time in English hold a mirror to the light for the rest of humanity, flashing their poems of misery and warning from the genocidal zone and refugee camp of Coxa#39;s Bazaar. Their songs are more accurate than news reports for word of the plight of the most oppressed. These are poems that begin with the fragrance on the birda#39;s handkerchief and end by walking among the mass graves. They write from a dire present to a possible future, wondering in their peril if the world outside was too quiet to hear them. Let the world not be quiet, let the world listen to these poems.aquot;l/pglpg- Carolyn Forchaeacute;l/pglpgaldquo;I Am a Rohingya implores the world to listen to the spirit of a people who have experienced some of the worst human rights abuses on the planet. These poems have no alternative but to speak out, they are from a crisis that must be addressed. There is brilliance in here!ardquo;l/pglpg- John Kinsellal/pglpganbsp;l/pglpganbsp;l/pg
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