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Sinopsis de HUMAN RITES
ISBN: 9780881458299 Géneros: Sinópsis:    Fastpaced and riveting…be prepared to have your eyes opened your own preconceived notions debunked and your head left spinning…I highly recommend it Broadway World   HUMAN RITES…soars with mindblowing ideas Broad Street Review   When Westerners decry the practices of other cultures and campaign for change they may mean well But are they really spreading enlightenment or shame Who gets to decide whether an initiation rite is barbaric or an exemplary form of bonding Are there any cultural absolutes or are all cultural norms equally valid This constellation of questions animates Seth Rozin’s crafty and invigorating play HUMAN RITES Julia Klein Philadelphia Inquirer   Plays like HUMAN RITESthoughtfully written and thoughtprovokingare what keep a lot of people myself included eagerly going to the theater WHYYFM   It’s so refreshing to experience a play that relentlessly challenges its audience to rethink its assumptions about both bigpicture issues and the human characters wrestling with them Indianapolis Business Journal
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Novela contemporánea

Narrativa española

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