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On the planet Placidus-a world steeped in deception, misdirection, and blind ambition-all is not placid. And in the countries of Atlantis and Nivara, an unseen enemy works from within to tear civilization apart. Salvation depends on the unlikely heroes Yarwin, a petty, delusional inventor (who has achieved immortality quite by accident), an arrogant warrior princess, a sentient robot, a timid regent, and a mystical baby girl with a challenging destiny. In the perfect and happy kingdom of Nivara, life is neither perfect nor happy, and Queen Juliet Gideon is not herself after a trip to Atlantis. As she and her husband, King Marcus, await the birth of their fourth child, storms seem to promise more trouble ahead. Her family and servants are frightened by something they dont understand. But when little Sarah draws her first breath, a single beam of sunshine breaks through the gloom. Sarah, a mystical young girl, has been born with unimaginable powers. Too soon, Juliet is called to Atlantis again and returns with a ring given to her by its scheming queen. Under the rings influence, Juliet turns against her powerful daughter. With the help of Yarwin, she strips the young girl of her powers-ironically, the only person who could break the rings spell. Can Sarah regain her powers in time to save them all?_,
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