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Sinopsis de HONEY ISLAND
ISBN: 9781945181740 Género: Sinópsis: lpgA YOUNG BOY AND HIS GRANDFATHER ARE CAUGHT UP IN A RING OF ORGANIZED CRIME AND TEENAGE SEX TRAFFICKING WHEN TRYING TO RESCUE A YOUNG GIRL THEY DISCOVERED IN THE SWAMP LANDS OF LOUISIANAl/pglpgLittle did Billy know that this first chance encounter would lead to a long-term relationship and journey into the cruel and criminal world of organized crime. She was a beautiful young teenage girl who was raised in the Garden District of New Orleans but had fallen on bad times after the murder of her father and subsequent death of her mother. Lillie found herself pregnant by her abusive uncle who had stripped away all the family wealth and belongings. She was placed in an orphanage; a church facility called The Mission. The Mission operated under the guise of a legitimate boarding home for unwed mothers though it was ran by an Organized Crime Syndicate providing human sex trafficking and illegal adoption..l/pglpgaldquo;Thank you, Captain Billyahellip;the story is riveting and emotional right down to the coreahellip;You had me on the introduction of Lillie–a strong yet fragile victim of sex trafficking who is a survivor! Her story is one of many women Captain Billy describes with sensitivity and understanding. Thank you!aquot;amdash;lemgSusan Hickerson, Licensed Therapist and Actress credited in Jodie Fosterarsquo;s film Nelll/emgl/pglpgaldquo;lemgHoney Islandl/emg is a compelling story that draws you in from the beginning and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The descriptions of life on the Louisiana swamp have obviously been written by a person with an intimate knowledge of the region and the language. A beautiful coming of age story, beautifully written by William Fuqua. Get this book.ardquo;amdash;lemgMiss Joan Marie Moossy-Writer, Actress, Filmmakerl/emgl/pglpgaldquo;lemgHoney Islandl/emg hasahellip;the feeling of rolling train wheels, carrying you forwards through adventures imbibed in Louisiana charm captured by a child
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