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ISBN: 9781645500070 Géneros: Sinópsis: This book searches for the origin of Hollywood’s pathetic antifemininity It studies the selfhumiliation of female characters alongside which male comic characters think of Mr Bean vanish That is to say women own the full market for noncomic genderspecific selfhumiliation a phenomenon unknown among Hollywood male characters The author introduces the subject by discussing recent characters impersonated by three famous actresses Catherine ZetaJones Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie An equally famous fourth actress Meg Ryan is treated in the first chapter The second chapter treats a then very promising actress Gal Gadot who sadly had to withdraw from acting for reasons that become clear in the two final chapters The third one discusses MollyHaskell’s intuition of The Big Lie being the idea of women39s inferiority According to Haskell the Big Lie started when American movies developed into a big business and this very business perpetuated the Big Lie Strangely instead of simply calling sexism by its nameManohlaDargis’ foreword merely theorizes the issue Apparently she has not the least idea of what causes Hollywood’s misogyny either however much these two ladies know about movie journalism The fourth chapter discusses the strong preference of Hollywood for one specific religion above all others Not too surprising the history of that religion is a schoolbook example of misogyny The first appendix summarizes the RottenTomatoes criticism on number one elected movies by the highly reputed and senior French publication Cahiers du Cinema The second appendix contains based on all four chapters’ material the answer to the central question of this book to wit the roots of Hollywood’s stoneharsh misogyny
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