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ISBN: 9781947132337 Géneros: Sinópsis: Mason Stewart is in a pickle He and his brother are the coowners of the Black Elkhorn Lodge and Resort Their dream stands at the precipice of utter ruin because their previous chef embezzled every last dime of savings they had for the lodge In a last ditch effort to save his business from the brink of annihilation Mason hires a new chef for their restaurant sight unseen Nothing can prepare him for Emily the redhaired siren who waltzes into his resort carting a set of chef knives and demanding to see her new kitchen She challenges his authority She inflames his every wicked desire She is everything he has ever wanted And he can’t touch her He’s her boss And it would be wrong to give in to the incendiary heat between them… wouldn’t it Publisher’s Note This steamy contemporary romance is the second installment of the Cuffs Spurs series but can be enjoyed as a standalone It contains elements of power exchange  
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