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ISBN: 9781949483307 Géneros: Sinópsis: In 1957 I witnessed a trial in Mongu Zambia then Northern Rhodesia in which there was great argument about whether a death had been caused by witchcraft or by a very minor wound from an inefficient firearm says author Chris ElgoodHe Only Died Twice was inspired by this reallife incidentWhen the British government wants someone dead who is beyond the normal reach of the law an arrangement is reached with an African woman to carry out the deed Nshila Ileloka holds the highest degrees from universities in England but this capable assassin also knows witchcraftBorn in a remote African village Nshila was befriended by the local witch doctor who taught her his particular skills She is moral and fastidious making sure the targets to be removed are sufficiently villainousNshila is contacted independently by two British government agencies that never speak to each other Both name a man they want killed Her research reveals her target is really one person operating under two different names and conducting two separate criminal activities To satisfy her clients and collect two fees she must kill one person but appear to produce two bodiesAuthor Bio Born just before World War II Chris Elgood served in the military went to university and then joined her Majesty’s Overseas Civil Service in the late years of the British Empire Returning to the UK I worked for a time in industry and then founded my own consultancy in the field of management games An author for fifty years he currently resides in Berkshire England  
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he only died twice-9781949483307

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