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Recommended by Ms Magazine as an August 2019 featured titleTo enter Berry Grass’ Hall of Waters is to agree to a deepsea excavation through baths that are simultaneously familiar yet foreign Grass is your guidepen light in hand illuminating darknesses that cause the light to refract back upon the reader and author In Missouri there are no natural lakesinstead they are created by dam construction the water cutting a swath through the trees The springs however are believed to be true blue as Grass says 39And it’s all so healthy isn’t it So restorative To soak in our nature’s superior water and pretend that superiority is therefore our nature To pretend that the concept of natural is natural39 Hall of Waters is an examination of how America loves to be undisturbed after claiming what it believes to be theirs and how Grass finds a way to reclaim identity while still carrying traces of the fountains of the past––Brian Oliu author of So You Know It’s Me We forget that one product of fire’s burning is water And Berry Grass’ searing and farseeing tetrahedral and tenderhearted micro memoirs set in the osmotic membrane of the Middle Border Hall of Waters reminds us of these fused and confused outcomes at the core of the combustion of cognition There is nothing I can think of akin to the elemental chemistry of this book It is sublime yes but in its exquisitely rendered prose it rewrites and rights the valences that bond us to the place of place and the us of us This water is 39hard39 water indeed but in the dissolved solids one finds a balm a welling a source and a baptism all drenched and drenching in liquid fire––Michael Martone Author of The Moon Over Wapakoneta and Brooding HALL OF WATERS is an attempt to demythologize the rural American Midwest through the specific example of the author’s hometown Excelsior Springs MO Through lyric essay memoir the book seeks to examine undercut the inherent settler white supremacy of the Midweste
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