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ISBN: 9781532654206 Géneros: Sinópsis: Rev Dr Alan Tippett was arguably one of the leading missiologists of the twentieth century Through his prolific pen poignant observations and powerful insights he significantly influenced mission research and activity in the period of the 1960s to 1980s This was particularly facilitated through his research writing and teaching at the Institute of Church Growth Fuller Theological Seminary School of World Mission and his inaugural editorship of the American Society of Missiologys journal Missiology An International Review Yet for those who did not know Tippetts material well the very specific nature of his research and writing limited the influence of his insights For example without already knowing the pertinent content why would a missionary to Thailand think of reading Tippetts Solomon Islands Christianity However according to Doug Priest editor of a number of Tippetts posthumous publications this volume has done what even Tippett himself did not do and that is to capture the key features of his missiology in one volume So Guiding Light functions as an indepth overview of The Essential Alan Tippett I can attest that the nature of Tippetts material continued to inform and inspire me throughout the eleven years of the research and writing of this study Through Hoveys careful study Allan Tippetts contribution through his life and research has been brilliantly represented using the authors vantage point Wonsuk Ma Dean Distinguished Professor of Global Christianity College of Theology and Ministry Every serious missiologist should read Alan Tippett and this book is the appropriate place to wade in Tippetts writing take up five linear feet on my bookshelf Kevin Hovey has masterfully captured and condensed this corpus into a very readable single volume Doug Priest editor of The Missiology of Alan R Tippett Series Kevin Hovey has done the missiological world a great service by introducing the present generat
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