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ISBN: 9781641842815 Género: Sinópsis: lpgIs it possible to stay hopeful andash; and to keep a sense of humor andash; while your deepest desire is threatened? When youarsquo;re falsely accused? When people you trust advise you to hide your heritage?l/pglpgMelanie Herz Promecene, who faced each of those challenges while trying to adopt a child, is walking proof that the answer is yes.l/pglpgIn this staggeringly honest, often hilarious, always hopeful memoir, Promecene takes readers with her through the terror of 9/11 in New York, the floods of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, the winding streets of Beijing, and a beautiful day in Florence. And, of course, readers join her as she overcomes seemingly impossible obstacles of bureaucracy and biology.l/pglpgHer account of heartbreaking decisions, innocent misunderstandings that threaten to have devastating results, and the quirks and joy of her own large family are compelling and ultimately heartwarming.l/pglpgAlong the way, she realizes that she and her husband arenarsquo;t choosing their son: He is choosing them.l/pglpgYouarsquo;ll never look at rainbows the same way.l/pg
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Narrativa española

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