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Sinopsis de GOLDEN TONES

ISBN: 9780982776926 Géneros: Sinópsis: Setting The Stage You feel like your voice has been lost in the madness of your everyday life and you just want to be heard  It feels like you have been fighting barriers and obstacles on a regular basis and wonder Does anybody understand what I’m going throughClose your eyes Let your mind relax and picture a small cozy cafe filled with dozens of chairs for the audience  However as your mind relaxes you realize there is a special chair reserved just for you… and you sitAs the lights dim around you a golden glow lights up the stage  As you watch the golden spotlight falls upon a single microphone in the middle of the stage and the soothing sounds of smooth jazz envelop youKeep these images in your mind as you read this book a poetic affirmation created just for you and know that you have been heardYour life does have meaning
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Novela contemporánea

Narrativa española

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