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ISBN: 9781532659492 Géneros: Sinópsis: The biblical story is about more than sin and salvation It is about the creators purposes and the fulfillment of those purposes in the climactic revelation of Gods glory in Sabbath with creation Christ Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega the one through whom all things are created and all things are fulfilled We are creatures made in Gods image called to develop and govern the earth in service to God The exercise of human responsibility in this age plays a major part in the revelation of Gods glory Every vocation matters for creations seventhday fulfillment family friendships worship civic responsibility and our work in every sphere of life The Son of God became one with us He died for sinners while they still rebelled and he was raised to life as the last Adamthe lifegiving Spirit of the age to come Christ is reconciling all things to God including all that belongs to the responsibility of Gods sixthday royal priesthood That is why Gods promise in Christ is that those who die in the Lord will rest from their labors and their deeds will follow them Jim Skillen is one of our best Christian thinkers today a scholar we have long admired He is moreover a top Christian political theorist who takes the Bible seriously in his academic work And so it is a delight to read the fruit of his many years of wrestling with the scriptural text He challenges an individualistic narrative of sin and salvation and articulates a rich view of creation in fresh and surprising ways Following Jesus means redirecting the whole of our creaturely lives to serve God others and the nonhuman creation in joyful anticipation of Gods coming sabbath with creation Highly recommended Craig Bartholomew Director of Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics and Senior Research Fellow Tyndale House Cambridge UK Michael Goheen Theological Director of Missional Training Center Phoenix and Professor of Missional Theology Covenant Theological Seminary St
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