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Gabriele Basilico An introductory monograph on one of Italy’s leading fine art photographers.Francesco Bonami Trained as an architect, Italian-born Gabriele Basilico (b.1944) is one of Italy’s leading fine art photographers Basilico’s photographs of cityscapes, residential buildings and factories transcend reality, revealing the essence of the metropolis, town and village Chronologically presented photographs include the early coastal landscapes of Normandy and the Beirut cityscapes of 1991, with picture-by-picture commentaries by Basilico himself The best introductory monograph to Basilico’s work, this book also features an essay by Francesco Bonami – a specialist on the photographer – which assesses Basilico’s importance in the history of photography Gabriele Basilico (b. 1944) is one of the most important Italian photographers. Coming from the long-established tradition of landscape art, his is an idiosyncratic representation of architecture and landscape. His photographs of cityscapes, residential buildings and factories seem to deny the presence of the artist and to ask viewers to form their own conclusions about relationships between structures, and between structures and landscape. Stripping bare the urban context of any human activity, his work transcends mere instances and seeks to reveal the very essence of ‘place’ and of our relationship with it. Basilico is one of the best-known ‘documentary’ photographers in Europe. He eschews the traditional picturesque forms of landscape imagery to turn his attention the city and the industralized landscape photographed in black and white, with a precision and clarity that is almost alarming. An architect by training, Gabriele Basilico’s camera imposes discipline on the buildings on which it focuses – he banishes human life to reveal the life of the building itself. Basilico travels extensively and in-depth, often working with government bodies to catalogue the appearance of the urban landscape for posterity. He travelled to Berlin in 1990, where he documented the gradual demolition of the Berlin Wall. In 1991 he worked in Beirut, capturing the life and remnants of a city after years of war had
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