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ISBN: 9781949392180 Géneros: Sinópsis: Life is cheapThe CityStates of Zar and Perdition battle each other for control of an island that separates the two Zar fights for the freedom of all while Perdition enforces the status quo The Principal of Perdition has sent his youngest son Ollie on a special mission into the enemy city of Zar to end the warZorra a daughter of Zar is asked to make the ultimate sacrifice to bring peace to the land Before an armistice is celebrated death strikes Will Zorra and Ollie be able to overcome their differences and bring peace to both their cites Who is engaged in a spiraling struggle for control of the city’s leadership The two teens work hard to bring stability as both of their islands slip into the bloodsoaked dark ages All these questions and more will answer themselves as we wander through the dark fantasy of The Fractured Lands and as we’re drawn towards the thrilling conclusion of this stunning work of immersive fictionThere are times in which great sacrifice is needed When no one’s life or destiny is assured In the islands of Fractured Lands remnants of mighty battles still scar the countryside Danger approaches quickly Family friendship and loyalty matter little when the quest for control drives ambition Life itself becomes a zerosum game with only winners and losers In Fractured Bonds author Greg Alldredge takes us into a bold new heart of dark fantasy and leaves us shaken thrilled and eager for more For fans of Game of Thrones this second book in an epic fantasy series is guaranteed to get the mind racing and the heart pumping and is sure to grip readers from the first fantastical page to the last
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