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Sinopsis de FOOD AS AN IDOL
ISBN: 9780997956580 Géneros: Sinópsis: The bestselling book for ABC39s Ministries Food as an Idol Finding Freedom from Disordered Eating published in 2017 offers hope and practical methods to overcoming and preventing disordered eating This book is an adapted version of that book intended to reach a broader audience especially classroom educators The first book entitled Food as an Idol was born out of the author’s own struggle with food and body image issues throughout her childhood and young adult years Like the first book entitled Food as an Idol this book also includes sections on the types causes consequences and conquering of disordered eating To give book purchasers a better understanding of the contents of the book the subtitle has been changed to The Types Causes Consequences Conquering and Prevention of Disordered Eating According to the author the key points in overcoming and finding freedom from disordered eating that is stressed within Food as an Idol is to recognize both over and under eating as a symptom of something missing deeper within the heart of an individual and that disordered eating is a barrier between his or her relationship with God Not until one discovers the roots of disordered eating and surrenders his or her appetites to God can one find true freedom and deliverance from disordered eating The section in both books of most importance to the author is information concerning the prevention of disordered eating For example often parents unintentionally set children up for eating disorders by using food as rewards and punishment Such unhealthy practices of parents are covered within both editions of the book as well as ways that schools and churches can help fight the obesity and disordered eating epidemic in America and around the world How is Food as an Idol The Types Causes Consequences Conquering and Prevention of Disordered Eating different from the first book Intending this edition to be suitable as a textbook t
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