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ISBN: 9781925638356 Géneros: Sinópsis: Standing there in the sun Willy had a big idea What if I built a lake in my own backyard he ponderedHow can having a big imagination get you into big troubleJust ask Willy Nilly and discover the best series of picture books for outdoor kids Watch in amazement as Willy’s ordinary ideas turn into extraordinary adventures Follow the Breadcrumbs is a beautifully written and illustrated imaginative story that will become a favourite in your collection Especially if you are seeking garden stories for kids books for outdoor kids or a picture book about animalsThis adventure starts with an ordinary trip to the lake but then Willy’s imagination takes over His big idea is to build his own lake in his backyard so the animals can visit him He digs the lake fills it with water and uses breadcrumbs to lure the animals back to his house Willy soon discovers a great idea can lead to a whole lot of trouble when every animal in the lake arrives in his backyardRead along with your kids as Willy works hard to get himself out of trouble and get all the animals back where they belong to entertain those visiting the lakeFollow the Breadcrumbs is the second book in the Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly series These interactive adventure books allow parents to see what simple everyday activities look like when viewed through the lens of a child’s imagination The result is an experience that helps parents and their children bondAre these adventures really happening to Willy Nilly or are they just occurring in his mind Perhaps for a child reality and make believe aren’t necessarily different thingsFollow the Breadcrumbs is the best book for you and your kids if you’re looking for A creative kids story to keep your energetic kids still for five minutes Colourful and detailed illustrations with lots of fun things to find and point out Book with imaginative stories and super subtle messaging  A relatable main character with
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