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A usurper queen on a stolen throneA princess imprisoned enslaved and believed dead by her peopleA foreign prince searching for his sisterEach entangled in a curse that threatens all of the Seven KingdomsCrown Princess Winterberry39s stepmother will do anything to prevent her ascensioneven if it means assassinating her And on the eve of the princess39s twentyfirst birthday Queen Blanche arrests Winterberry under false claims of treasonAlthough a longstanding prophecy proclaims death to anyone who kills a Canens royal Blanche is determined to find a way Step one goes off without a hitch auction off the true heir as an incognito slave and send her halfway across Canens with Blanche39s most trusted huntsmanBut on the other side of the Seven Kingdoms an enemy prince gambles his throne and his life crossing into Canens after his kidnapped sister The farther he travels the more entangled he becomes in the Canens Curse the slavery underworld and Princess Winterberry herself Soon even he doesn39t realize how much more is at stakeEnter the cursed world of the Seven Kingdoms in book one of this Snow White retelling where you will find elements of Red Riding Hood and other beloved faery tales
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