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As a photographer I love capturing images of things most people take for granted or never even notice. It&rsquo,s a shame, so much to see and so many of us are just too busy to look. I&rsquo,d be willing to bet that close to fifty percent of what is on this planet is never looked at and appreciated by fifty percent of the human race, perhaps more. What do you think? Ask another question like, who has watched the flavor of the month reality show and you got more hands going up that you know what to do with, like one massive human race stick-up. Except, in this case the thief takes no money or valuables, just time and brain power, the worst thief possible.Lets discuss nature as an example of things people take for granted and don&rsquo,t truly see, they may look, but do they really see? We are so blessed to live in a world that offers different climates, terrains, and a wide variety of animal life, it is cool.A conversation between God and Saint Francis of Assisi&ldquo,Francis, not you the other Francis, Francis of Assisi. Well please go get him from the trees.&rdquo,Three minutes later&ldquo,Hello the God, I heard you wanted to speak with me?&rdquo,&ldquo,Yes Francis. I was watching our children and looking at all the wonderful things you enjoyed during your time on earth.&rdquo,&ldquo,Isn&rsquo,t it beautiful? I still love watching the trees move with the wind and the animals migrate as the seasons change.&rdquo,&ldquo,How right you are. I am concerned though.&rdquo,&ldquo,What about?&rdquo,&ldquo,Francis, do you feel that our children appreciate the life we have provided for them? That they truly see the little pleasures around them. The ones that require no transfer of funds or long travels. Are they enjoying life?&rdquo,&ldquo,My God, I am not sure. I want to believe they do. But, they are confused, they get to busy, and then time has passed them by.&rdquo,&l
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