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ISBN: 9781952083587 Género: Sinópsis: lpglstronggAre you eager to start investing but scared of putting your hard-earned cash in investment tools that you do not fully understand? Are you looking for a straightforward no BS guide to money management that you can implement ASAP? Have you ever wondered if youarsquo;ve saved enough for a comfortable retirement? Then you need to keep readingahellip;l/strongglbr /g lbr /g A 2019 report by the US Federal Reserve highlights how Americans are struggling to manage their finances: out of 11,000 respondents, 6 out of 10 stated that they are not sure how to invest their own money. Itarsquo;s no surprise then that 25% of the respondents have zero retirement savings. Read on to find out how you can demystify the investment process and gain complete control of your finances.lbr /g lbr /g lugHerearsquo;s a preview of what you will discover:l/uglbr /g lbr /g anbsp;l/pg lulg lliglpglstronggThe most powerful strategies for gaining FINANCIAL FREEDOM, even without a CEOarsquo;s salary (which you can start implementing in the next few days)!l/stronggl/pgl/lig l/ulg lpganbsp;l/pg lulg lliglpgThe absolutely crucial concepts to kick-start your understanding of investment tools.l/pgl/lig l/ulg lpganbsp;l/pg lulg lliglpgThe most common rookie mistakes to watch out for when investing in stocks and dividends.l/pgl/lig l/ulg lpganbsp;l/pg lulg lliglpgHow to turn a dreaded chore into a highly anticipated activity (who knew numbers could be so much fun?).l/pgl/lig l/ulg lpganbsp;l/pg lulg lliglpgThe little-known ways technology can dramatically boost your financial literacy and increase your assets.l/pgl/lig l/ulg lpganbsp;l/pg lulg lliglpgHow it is possible to turn dirt into gold even if youarsquo;re not an alchemist.l/pgl/lig l/ulg lpganbsp;l/pg lulg lliglpglstronggThe one thing you should do IMMEDIATELY if you want to liberate yourself from financial insecurity (and never be scared to look at your balance anymore)!l/str
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