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ISBN: 9781622736959 Géneros: Sinópsis: The modern liberal idea of citizenship is constructed by a fixed notion of identity which gains meaning through a number of binary oppositions such as we they citizen foreigner self other and so forth Defined by these binaries where the first term is perceived as dominant because it is considered to be derived from reason the fixed notion of identity inevitably produces exclusion and marginalization  Importantly the postmodern concept of citizenship stems from a critique of these essentialist and universalist conceptions of identity  Exploring European identity and European citizenship from a philosophical perspective this book reveals the discursive construction of these two concepts whilst at the same time attempting to define them as either modernist or postmodernist categories Dr Ivic takes a hermeneutic approach in her interpretation of European citizenship and identity through a close reading of European treaties and other official documents Through her detailed analysis Dr Ivic is able to present the reader with wellinformed and concrete examples of modern and postmodern concepts of identity within Europe Moreover this book explores the impact that contemporary issues such as Brexit the migration crisis in Europe and the proliferation of nationalist discourses have on European citizenship and identity  Where existing research literature has failed this book offers a dynamic and textual analysis of citizenship that takes into account the complex philosophical legal political and theoretical background of Europe Dealing with issues that have not yet been sufficiently explored ‘EU Citizenship’ is an important contribution to the field of philosophical analysis Aimed at university students this book will also provide a baseline and set of reference points for researchers and practitioners of European studies that are working with projects that look at European citizenship  
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