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ISBN: 9781532637216 Géneros: Sinópsis: This volume explores ways of understanding equality and nondiscrimination Drawing on the timeless logic of realist philosophy Catholic morality and Catholic social teaching the authors seek to provide intellectual clarity on many controversial questions The contributors are lawyers philosophers and theologians who offer rich insights into the modern crisis of social thought on equality They examine various global assaults on human life marriage the family and the natural dignity of masculinity and femininity They seek to uphold the essential foundations of reality for the attainment of the common good The contributors attempt to move beyond a positivist mentality in order to evaluate the first principles of the natural law in which all human law is grounded The various chapters evaluate developments and application of theories of equality and nondiscrimination in the history of Western thought in modern European practice in contemporary interAmerican practice in the Asian setting in the Middle East and North Africa and in the Catholic canon law tradition The authors strive to restore a universally valid conception of equality and nondiscrimination as understood within the Catholic tradition A fresh insight into concepts of human dignity and equality from worldrenowned experts A mustread for those seeking a better understanding of sexual orientation gender identity and discrimination issues under international law and Catholic teaching Ligia Castaldi Ave Maria School of Law Jane F Adolphe is an Associate Professor of Law at Ave Maria School of Law in Naples Florida and an expert with the Holy See Secretariat of State Section for Relations with States Robert L Fastiggi is Professor of Systematic Theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary Detroit Michigan Michael A Vacca is a graduate of Ave Maria School of Law who has worked for the Holy See and for Christ Medicus FoundationCURO in Michigan
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