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&ldquo,It&rsquo,s been a hell of a first day.&rdquo, Jon May has been the Governor of Elysium for a few hours, and he&rsquo,s already facing a belligerent Chief of Security, an ex-Operations Manager imprisoned for killing the previous Governor, and an amorphous energy mass that has its own agenda.So now Jon has to decide who to trust, his Security Chief will barely talk to him, and his only allies people who are, according to the Republic, dangerous criminals. With less than 48 hours to delve into the shadows surrounding Elysium&rsquo,s recent but tumultuous past, May is about to uncover more about this job than he bargained for.—-Fall From Grace is fantastic and unbelievably exciting. I love the way Matthew turns the history of the angels on its head, and the characters are so real I was almost in tears near the end. Simply fantastic. &ndash, JR Walker, actor and authorGreat story, good characters. A really refreshing take on the Judeo-Christian mythology which has been done to death recently. But Fall from Grace has plenty of surprises up its sleeve. As a debut novel, this is a great piece of work. &ndash, Craig Hallam, author of GreaveburnThe storyline is written to keep you on your toes and engaged, I was unable to put this book down. The writing style is easy to read, yet there is a deep plot that keeps you wanting to know more. Worth every penny. &ndash, Oregon Rain, Top Amazon reviewer_,
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