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Sinopsis de EAT YOUR GOD

&quot,Eat Your God&quot,&nbsp,is the intriging close to the &quot,End of Times&quot, trilogy, where real science is mixed with Science fiction to give a plausible explanation on how man might achieve the goal of Interstellar. The book is set in the future, a time nown as&nbsp,After Apocalypse Sixty. Man has survived nuclear anhilation, and is rebuilding civilization. Here we have a fascinating insight into a potential future based on current theories in New Physics, (Electric Universe – Thornhill, Holographic Theory – Talbot, String Theory – Greene)&nbsp,The story wraps around an alien craft discovered on Earth. Apparently it was abandoned here millions of years ago, and it the key to&nbsp,our past, and our future. But the ship was hidden on Earth for a reason!. In the realm of Sub-Space (The region you must traverse when achieving Interstellar flight) lurks a creature that has been stalking it since time immemorial. For man to use this wondrous tool they have discovered, they first have to master Fifth Dimension math, and in the process find a way to trap and defeat a creature that the original owners of the ship could not.Can the Brotherhood meet the challenge? Can an entirely unprincipled collection of former soldiers turned drug dealing bikies who use a chemist as their physicist somehow find a way to succeed in this mad quest?&nbsp,_,
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