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ISBN: 9781532676604 Géneros: Sinópsis: The typical local church has six to ten groups that meet on a weekly basis and include some form of teaching These groups could include Sunday school for adults and children various childrens activities youth meetings or other adult small groups Most of these are taught by ordinary believers who dont really think of themselves as teachers Yet these believers do most of the teaching in the church The point of this book is to help these believers realize that they are teachers and take that role as a gift from God The book then leads them though the process of working out what being a teacher means in their personal context John Davis has a passion for teaching the Word of God That is clear in this text What is also clear is that he has a passion for people who are called to teach at all levels in the ministries of the local church This book clearly reflects what he knows needs to be taught to men and women who work weekly to teach biblical truth to children youth and adults in church settings I commend the author and his work to you Gary A Denbow DMin Former President of Central Bible College Springfield Missouri John Davis provides a specific challenge to the volunteer teacher Dont just teach be a teacher The author demonstrates through extensive examples how even nonprofessionals can become successful teachers that influence lives for now and eternity Chock full of examples and practical teaching techniques both new and experienced teachers will benefit from this valuable volume Joseph J Saggio Administrative Dean Southwestern Assemblies of God University American Indian College Campus Phoenix Arizona John Rue Davis has spent the last twenty years of his life training pastors and local church workers in both collegiate and local church settings Many of his former students are credentialed ministers and most of the rest are active workers in local churches He is currently serving as a professor with Nativ
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