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The goal of this book is to attempt to begin a discussion and a movement to reform the conception of disability through language We always try to tackle the barriers persons with disabilities have in society from a sociological or administrative perspective and take the conception of disability as a given It is time to take one step back and reform the ideology at the root of it This book takes you through the philosophical history of how this present day ideology arose its implications why and how to reform it the effects of the change while also recognizing potential challenges in this pursuit This book utilizes theories from Plato and Hegel among many other prominent philosophers while at the same time looks at the construction of language and words in both English and other languages to develop the premise that disability is an internationally misconstrued term Disability in and of itself is a limiting conception and we must liberate the potential with the Diffability movement It is not that one cannot do something but rather that it is done differently It is a must read for anyone interested in disability issues philosophy and of linguistics and psychology I invite you to read and to participate in the discussion
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