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ISBN: 9781947966154 Géneros: Sinópsis: An only child with devoted parents Mary Ann Kampfe determines to return the favor when they need her help When Josephine and Joe Mandrick relocate to live closer to their daughter Mary Ann splits her time between her home and their apartment twenty minutes awayBut Mary Ann finds herself suffocating in the sandwich feeling her efforts fall flat She blames herself for her parents’ discontent with the arrangement Perhaps the demands of her growing family prevented the fun times and closer relationship she had hoped for with her parents Or even worse is the problem that Mary Ann – as her mother Josephine often said – a carbon copy of her pleasant but sometimes cold fatherAfter Joe Mandrick passes away 86yearold Josephine moves in with Mary Ann’s family Although daunted by the prospect of once again living under the same roof as Hurricane Josephine Mary Ann hopes for the bestThen a few months later Josephine is diagnosed with dementia Puzzled by her fading memory and saddened by her situation Josephine looks to her daughter for validation Although determined to make life as enjoyable as possible for her mom exhaustion and resentment seep inHowever despite the disagreements and increasing demands Mary Ann finally comes to learn there is indeed a silver lining in the cloud of dementia
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