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Sinopsis de DEEPSTORM

[Written with over a decade of scientific research] An international team of researchers is assigned to live and work in the newly built Near Earth Territories &ndash, each vessel greatly more spacious than the largest ocean liners, which they dwarf.&nbsp, Least qualified among the scientists is Sashia, a paraplegic who surprisingly becomes a rock on which they all depend. Doctors Mei Sai Ling and Steve Nord form the scientific team&rsquo,s backbone, headed by Professor Mark Madison and assisted by FayWell, the enigmatic Artificial Intelligence to the fleet. Tending their medical needs is Doctor O’,Malley.&nbsp, The subject of their research is natural disasters that began at the turn of the millennium and now threaten to trigger a recurrence of the event that caused the Cretaceous extinction. Climate change was just the beginning.&nbsp, News coverage becomes increasingly grim as refugees fleeing disasters swell mass migrations. Civil strife grips the globe, new styled warlords escalate a battle with United Nation Security Council forces in space. The Territories fleet, escorted by the biggest and best US Navy battle-carrier, becomes a primary target. Our species is outgrowing the home planet. The Territories fleet is predominantly manned by designer-babies now in young adulthood. Designed to reside permanently in space, they are the beginning of a new branch of human species, transformed from terrestrial to extraterrestrial beings._,
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