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Sinopsis de CYBORG

It was just another assignment until Chambers witnessed alien ships, escaped an invasion and was threatened into silence. Can he break the cyborg story with his life intact?Invited by big-hitting corporation ARTOK, combat journalist David Chambers, is visiting the planet Parnassus to report on the &lsquo,Human Enhancement Programme&rsquo, when he witnesses the unthinkable, a crash site of an alien ship. The huge structure contained alien bodies and, more importantly, alien technology, but, before Chambers could digest the scene, a rival corporation invades, and Chambers barely escapes with his life.Chambers retreats to the safety of his habitat of Orchard accompanied by Richter and his team, but, Chamber&rsquo,s is unaware of the extent of the corporation&rsquo,s reach. On their arrival, they are arrested, and only Chambers is released, but not before he is threatened into silence.Richter, however, needs to be heard, his avatar reaches out to Chambers with harrowing tales of special forces, secret missions, violence and trickery resulting in the creation of half-humans, half-machines &ndash, cyborgs like himself. Richter recruits Chambers to tell his story and expose the terrifying truth of the corporation&rsquo,s despicable plans for humanity.But with billions of dollars at stake, the corporations cannot let the story break and will do everything in their power to keep their secrets safe._,
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