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ISBN: 9781839380518 Géneros: Sinópsis: This book is an excellent beginner39s guide to understand the fundamentals of Anonymous Cryptocurrency how they work and how to buy them  This book will take you by the hand and show you stepbystep everything there is to know about the best Privacy base Cryptocurrencies    Mainly focuses on Anonymous cryptocurrencies and reveal the potential return on investment on the best privacy based coins  First it talk introduce the essentials of Internet Anonymity and cryptocurrency fundamentals then it will dive into the details of Privacy focused coins who wants to use them why they needed and how they function  Next it will dive into the details of the current cryptocurrency market and clarify Initial Coin Offerings pump and dumps online ponzies  You will learn some great tips on how to avoid being scammed online  Next it will provide a high level overview of bitcoin blockchain and the differences between Proof of work as well proof of stake but then explore other technologies such as zero knowledge proof and CryptoNote ring signature Algorithm  Next you will learn about more then 10 different kinds of privacy based cryptocurrencies and explore each by analysing their trend as well their market capitalization and calculate the return on investment  In terms of Anonymous cryptocurrencies you will learn some great strategies on what you should consider what kinds of questions you should ask and how to make a decision before investing  The way the book is structured is that even if you are a complete beginner this book will be extremely helpful to you 
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