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Sinopsis de CRASH BURN
ISBN: 9781951228484 Géneros: Sinópsis: Sometimes you have to play dirty So they say Rachel Playing dirty takes on a new meaning when I fall in the mud in front of way too hot Remy Martin and catch him staring at me Hard  No matter how hot his kisses are I don39t need a man Much less a hotshot firefighter to rescue me But Remy39s got that whole tall dark protective thing going strong  So strong I can’t resist  I’ve got a messy past The last thing I need is to fall for someone Certainly not Remy who makes me want to break every rule I wrote for myself  I never thought a man who calls me sweetheart might be enough to hold my heart hostage But then I wasn’t prepared for Remy Remy Rachel Garrett is strong smart feisty She’s also got a stayawayfromme vibe for the ages I’ve got more than enough reasons to avoid romance but I never could resist a challenge Rachel doesn’t need me Or so I think The closer I get the more I want her The second I see past the surface to the vulnerability underneath well that’s it I don’t care if Rachel doesn’t need me I need her  *This is a fulllength standalone romance with a guaranteed HEA
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