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Colossians The Gospel the Church and the New Humanity in Christ is a Bible study guide that offers serious treatment of Pauls letter for believers who seek a wider understanding of how the gospel applies not only to them personally but also to the world around them This study explores Paul as a writer theologian and pastor who employs his literary skills theological discourse and pastoral exhortation to ensure that Jesus Christ remains at the center of the young Christian community at Colossae He reinterprets the Old Testament in light of the revelation of God given in his beloved Son showing how Jesus fulfils both the Scripture and Gods plan for his creation In the end Paul presents to the Colossian Church a sweeping worldview and a lifestyle that is firmly grounded in the person and work of Jesus Christ and aimed at reflecting his image to the rest of the world Reading this book is like following a spiritual treasure map You will learn how to mine the glorious depths of Pauls letter to the Colossians from verse to verse At the same time you will trace the letters broader theological themes each of them like trails leading you to worship and obey Jesus in all of his cosmic glory God has rich reward waiting for us as we study and obey his Word Enjoy the adventure Michael Kelsey Jr McLean Bible Church Vika Pechersky does us a service with her Colossians study She dives into the deep waters of the letter with a style that is accessible and concise while always reminding the reader of the larger redemptivehistorical context of Pauls teaching Scott Redd President RTS Washington Vika Pechersky was born and raised in a former Soviet Union country of Uzbekistan Vika is passionate about helping Christians study the Scripture Before moving to the United States Vika was involved in translating Christian books and pastoral training materials into the Russian language She has participated in teaching Bible classes for a network of underground church leaders Since moving
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