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In a world on the edge of economic collapse a right wing group use the aggressive mood of the population for their own means and force the collapse of civilisation. Kelvin Stubbs, a writer and fiancé of Kate White who is pregnant with his child, looses his love and family and throws in his lot with a group led by Firemn who is heading to the nearest concentration of military personnel. Kelvin throws himself in to the bitter war with these Revolutionists and earns the respect and love of those he comes to command. Davies, the commander of the army Kelvin, Firemn and later Kelvins best friend Luke, is a part of forms a civil government that he heads and leaves control of the army to Kelvin, who is installed as Military Councillor in the civil government where he falls for the head Medical Councillor called Susan. Yet he is ravaged by feelings of guilt over Kates death and cannot commit to Susan who tells him she cannot wait forever for him to move on.In a war his own stubbornness creates Kelvin is badly injured in the shoulder and has the terrible feelings of guilt over giving orders for his own men to die while he stays far behind the front. Seeing the futility of this conflict he seeks peace with the Tuxon faction and negotiates a fair deal that both can agree on. The religious faction of Monyash provokes a war with Middien and commits acts of atrocity against the civil population of Aurla, a peaceful faction between the two. After a costly conflict Kelvin kills the factions leader with his newfound powers of the enhancement that Susan implanted in him years before, but on his return to Tave he finds Susan with another man._,
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