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ISBN: 9781950570348 Géneros: Sinópsis: Next stop Pain and heartache coming right up…Ivy McLain’s grand scheme of making it big Yeah it’s going nowhere fast Every day her dreams of a fabulous art career are fading a little more And just when she didn’t believe things could get any worse her parents plan their huge 40th anniversary partyIn DecemberIn cold snowy Podunk IdahoIt’s been five years since Ivy’s stepped foot in her hometown and that was on purpose thankyouverymuch The oversized wide spot in the road holds nothing but truly awful memories for herAll right fineShe might be stuck having to return and she might be stuck playing the part of a dutiful daughter but that doesn’t mean she has to like itAll of that changes though the moment she meets a rugged cowboy with a slow and sexy smileOkay bowls him over and spills his drink everywhere Details details…Up next A girl to tear your heart apart…Austin Bishop is hiding from the world in the small mountain town of Sawyer IdahoOkay maybe not from the world but definitely from the females of the worldIt isn’t that he thinks they have cooties After all he’d had a childhood sweetheart who he’d loved with all of his heart and soul for five years…right up until she dumped him Receiving her engagement ring in the mail wasn’t exactly the Christmas present he’d been hoping for that yearThat’s all behind him though He is girlfree and thrilled to be that way Never better Couldn’t be happier actuallyAll the way up until he runs quite literally into the most beautiful curvy redhead he’s ever seen in his life Suddenly canoodling under the mistletoe seems like the best Christmas activity this side of eating homemade snickerdoodles A fling with no strings attached There’s no better way to celebrate the holidaysExcept partway through the twelve days of Christmas it stops being a fling and starts feeling like a whole lot moreBut Ivy is hiding secrets and so is heWhen their secret
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christmas of love-9781950570348

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