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ISBN: 9781532660412 Géneros: Sinópsis: The stories in this book are the fruit of a vision that took root more than four decades ago When Ron and Marianne Frase came to Whitworth College back in 1973 they had the dream that Whitworth students could travel to Latin America and learn many truths through deep experiential learning This would take place through listening to living among and loving our Latino neighbors The chapters are filled with stories of growth and change Some are fun and comical Others are painful encounters with difficult lessons Time and time again the resiliency and faith of Central Americans emerge and inspire The vignettes are windows into discovering how lessons learned in Central America shaped students lives years after their graduation Additionally Whitworth itself became a better academic institution more willing to take on the tough academic social and political contemporary challenges so that its students could genuinely become wellequipped global citizens and servants of Christ Some 130 years ago George Whitworth wanted his new school to provide an education of the mind and heart I lived alongside these lifetransforming stories but you cannot read of such joys injustices humanity inhumanity faith and hope without feeling it in your bones This is a beautiful painful book that takes readers to the trailhead of hundreds of alumni who have continued on their journey of making the world a more righteous place Bill Robinson President Emeritus Whitworth University This is a remarkable testimony to the powerful vision of Professor Ron Frase who believed that students at Whitworth University might be transformed by living and studying among Central Americans The stories expressed in this volume will inspire as well as challenge any reader to reflect more thoughtfully on how to engage the world with humility while seeking social justice Dale E Soden Professor of History The legacy of Ron and Marianne Frase and the faculty who
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challenged and changed-9781532660412


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