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Sinopsis de BURY ME A G 2

ISBN: 9781949138771 Géneros: Sinópsis: TIAZ and THREAT thought they had planned the perfect caper But when the unexpected happens and things go awry they find themselves the targets of a notorious gangster one the streets fear like the wrath of GodIn the midst of this deadly chaos CHEVY uncovers a secret that rocks her world to its core and leaves her devastated This revelation strains her and Tiaz’ relationship Will she come to grips and be able to put it behind her Or will she wash her hands of him altogetherMeanwhile BOXY’s murder brings forth a set of killers from the Mother Land seeking revenge They set foot on American soil in search of their brother’s executioner who is now MARKED FOR DEATH With danger lurking in every shadow TE’QUI and BABY WICKED enjoy the fast money street life brings but they soon discover there are deadly consequences in the game they’ve chosen to play Will they be able to get out unscathed Or will they meet the fates of others before them whose motto was BURY ME A 39G39The answers will leave you breathless 
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Novela contemporánea

Narrativa española

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