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ISBN: 9781911454434 Género: Sinópsis: lpgalsquo;Actually… the Bronte girls got their literary talent from the Carne side, as their Aunt Elizabeth spun wonderfully wild and woolly tales of Cornwall. So there!arsquo;anbsp; Philip Carnelbr /g lbr /g This new book explores the important maternal background of the great literary family. In highlighting the background of their Cornish mother and her family, it provides a major and fresh source of cultural understanding of the Brontё milieu. Surprisingly ignored until now, Cornish contextual networks and issues are shown to have been very significant in the creative evolution of the writers.l/pglpgPlace-histories of Yorkshire and Ireland have been exhaustively investigated as backdrops to Brontaeuml; writings. Largely unacknowledged, however, is the influential agency to their writings that Cornwall, as a mental and spiritual legacy, also offers. Their Cornish kin did much to mould and form capabilities, temperament, and literary concerns.lbr /g lbr /g Born and bred in the town and district of Penzance at Landarsquo;s End, Maria (Carne) Brontaeuml; (1783-1821) died young at Haworth in Yorkshire, leaving her six children all under 10 years of age. Travelling far to take over the care of the children, her Cornish elder sister Elizabeth (Carne) Branwell (1776-1842) is also virtually ignored in Brontaeuml; history. Yet it was Elizabeth who would provide the general tenor, the daily routines and domestic rhythms for the family as children, adults, and creative beings.l/pglpgThis new illustrated study captures the whole milieu in which Maria, Elizabeth and their kinship circle grew up in Cornwall, known even then as a legendary and romantic place. In their everyday life were a number of journalists, travellers, poets, story-tellers, and published academics, anbsp;critically influential in their day. The legacies of story-telling, journal reading and direct participation in the life of books were vital.l/pglpgThis volume
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