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Are you ready to heal Breaking Through Betrayal And Recovering the Peace Within is for any individual who has experienced betrayal and is struggling to break through its bonds Through a proven process tailored for recovery from betrayal injury readers are invited to Explore and connect with the different kinds of betrayal rejection or abandonment a violation of trust a shattered truth or belief Identify and move through betrayal39s three States of Being confusion worthlessness and powerlessness while uncovering contributors of symptom intensity and duration Revive and restore mind body and spirit with a 5part recovering process for righting oneself and attend to reoccurrence or reinjury New in this Second Edition of Breaking Through Betrayal readers are offered a unique perspective on a timeless topic relapse By reframing relapse as a familiar experience and redefining it as an issue of selfbetrayal readers are Drawn into a safe conversation while breaking through the stigma secrecy and shame of returning to any kind of unhealthy pattern of thinking behaving or feeling Invited to partake in an empowering 6part recovering process in moving from selfbetrayal to selfdiscovery Therapists Praise Breaking Through Betrayal Useful for anyone caught in selfblame shame or repeated victimizationthis empowering 39incontrol39 approach can help readers take charge assess injury gauge healing and find excellent strategies to protect themselves from future trauma when relating to one39s betrayer Beth Hedva PhD author of awardwinning Betrayal Trust and Forgiveness Holli Kenley shares her comprehensive approach to a situation most of us experience at least once in our lifetimes betrayal As a former therapist I appreciate the author39s ability to take a complex topic and turn it into an uncomplicated and wellorganized read including easytofollow exercises at the end of each chapter This book is an important resource for anyone experiencing grief and loss as the resul
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