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ISBN: 9781532650956 Géneros: Sinópsis: Breakfast with Barth Daily Devotions provides extracts from the writings of theologian Karl Barth The short devotion that follows explains the meaning of Barths quotation in light of his overall writings It also explores the meanings of Barths thought for contemporary Christian living The goal is to introduce readers to Barths theology so it can be readily understood and also to see ways Barths theological insightsexpressed in the initial quotationcan shape our beliefs and help us live the life of Christian faith in todays world Breakfast as we know is the most important meal of the day And Karl Barth is widely regarded as the greatest theologian of the twentieth century Put them together as Donald McKim has done and what you get is the spiritual breakfast of champions Have a hearty breakfast with Barth before you do anything Its sure to build a strong body of Christ in innumerable ways George Hunsinger Princeton Theological Seminary Donald McKim has produced a beautiful little book that makes Barth accessible to readers of any variety He presents devotions on texts from Barth that foster not only further thought but aim toward wisdom and edification In this McKim has rightly discerned that Barth is read best when he is read in and for the church and for Christians who seek to follow Christs way Kimlyn J Bender George W Truett Theological Seminary Adding to his engaging series of devotional readings of major theologians Don McKim offers fresh and accessible reflections and meditations on eightyfour bitesize quotations from the writings of Karl Barth McKims reflections are substantial enough to invite moments of serious contemplation and brief enough to whet the appetite for more Whether read consecutively or selected according to the readers interests at the moment Barths abiding insights into the depth and breadth of Christian faith and life are clearly presented Daniel L Migliore Princeton Theological Sem
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