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The largest missional challenge facing the church of Christ in the West is to equip every member to engage in missionary endeavor in third places Third places are those social zones in society like coffee shops gyms shopping malls pubs etc that everyone and anyone can meet in as commonly owned spaces The authors argue that for too long the church has not equipped and trained its members to engage in mission in the public square The mobilization of every member to become the hands and feet of the missional sacramental body of Christ to carry the message of Gods generous love to notyetChristians is vital if we want to witness the kingdom reign of God extend into their lives Places are important to the sovereign Lord of mission and this book challenges the churches of Christ to become what they properly need to be equipping agencies for every member mission and ministry Hardy and Foster break new ground in helping local churches develop strategies that strengthen Christian identity and deepen effective mission Sourcing ancient Christian precedent and bestpractice recent thinkingthey build a strong case for a workable Christian practice in mission which they call missional venture capital Here is a stimulating manual for effective twentyfirstcentury mission Highly recommended Take up and read Stuart Devenish former Director of Postgraduate Studies at Tabor College in Adelaide South Australia Whenever I have heard Keith and Andy teach on these concepts I have said They have it right I am excited to see that it is now in print I expect this work to challenge conventional thinking and encourage those a bit timid to scale such glorious heights The church mobilized in every domain of society is more than an innovation it is a revolution Bill Hull author of Conversion Discipleship cofounder The Bonhoeffer Project Andrew R Hardy is academic program director for ForMission College and the chair of the Fellowship of Churches of Christ National Leadership Team in the UK He
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