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ISBN: 9781941674376 Géneros: Sinópsis: If you’re a human in a vampire’s world nothing goes according to planWhen a map to the mysterious fortune of notorious privateer Miguel Enriquez falls in the lap of Ben and Tenzin only one of them is jumping at the opportunity Tenzin can’t wait to search for a secret cache of gold Ben on the other hand couldn’t be less excitedAll Ben knows about Puerto Rico is what he hears on the news and a few lingering memories of his human grandmother Going back to his roots holds zero appeal for the carefully constructed man he’s becomeBut in the end the lure of hidden gold can’t be deniedBen and Tenzin head to Puerto Rico where the immortal world is ruled by Los Tres a trio of powerful vampires commanding the wind the waves and the mountains that make up their small island in the CaribbeanTo find Enriquez’s treasure they’ll have to walk a fine line between flattery and secrecy To leave the island might mean a bigger fight than either one of them foresawBlood Apprentice is the second novel in the Elemental Legacy a paranormal mystery series by Elizabeth Hunter author of the Irin Chronicles
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blood apprentice-9781941674376

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Narrativa española

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