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This is a story of unfailing tenacity and courage in the face of impossible odds. It tells the tale of an unlikely group of friends who live in a post-war world of amazing technology, untold wealth, and apparent beneficence. But there is a problem with the world. Somehow none of its inhabitants seems to be aware that they live under a protective shield in a vast area of the open terrain of a once beautiful earth. Nick West begins to see images, waking dreams, of places and events he has never witnessed in his life. His view of the authorities, of his environment, of his life, begins to change. The ruling Administration that built the shield starts to appear threatening. Its citizens are unaware of the nature of their existence, and of their government, they passively indulge in every government program and activity. Nick assembles a team of Resistance fighters who develop their unique abilities. Together they work to uncover the terrible truth about the powerful government that labors so hard to keep its subjects imprisoned under the shield._,
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