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ISBN: 9781525559044 Género: Sinópsis: Like most immigrants, Anne Carr and her husband, Geoffrey, adjusted their world view when they emigrated from Britain to Canada in the 1960s. The differences they found in their new country took them out of their comfort zone and made them question prior assumptions about the way to live. The experience also made them wonder if they belonged to any one place. lbr /glbr /gBeyond Tribal explores how identifying ourselves as part of a group can give us a much-needed sense of belonging, yet it can also create walls that result in judgement towards others who are not like us. As well as discussing nationality, the author describes how factors as varied as class, media, the arts, landscape, and gender, may provide us with a sense of unity or separateness.lbr /glbr /gPart memoir, part thoughtful and evocative essays, this book is for anyone concerned about the future of our small planet and whether globalization and diversity will win the day over tribalism and nationalism….
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