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ISBN: 9781622736386 Géneros: Sinópsis: Neuroscience tells us that the brain is nothing but a metaphor machine capable of extracting meaning from a chaotic reality Following Agamben Arendt Benjamin and Žižek a theory of violence can be established according to which violence is a reaction on the part of the individual to the frustration generated by having her metaphor machine suppressed by the mythic narrative of the Law In opposition to mythic violence Benjamin posits the justice of divine violence Divine justice is an excess of life the very uniqueness of the metaphor machineThe individual is affected by a difficulty to communicate her metaphor machine to the Other as if it were inexpressible This work explores how the characters in the works of David Foster Wallace Cormac MacCarthy J G Ballard Bret Easton Ellis Chuck Palahniuk William Gibson Neal Stephenson Maurice G Dantec and China Mieville suffer from these limits of language and the constrictions of the Law Through violence they look for their individual Voice intended as their willtosay the ‘pure taking place of language’ Agamben In their struggle to be heard these characters are however deaf to the Voice of the Other There is a need for a new Ethics of Narratives expressed through an Epic of the Voice founded on the willtolisten along the lines of the concept of the posthuman theorized by Rosi Braidotti Here subjectivity is a process of constant autopoiesis dependent on the relationship the individual has with the Other and the environment around her that is in the reciprocal willtosay and willtolisten Human beings can meet in the takingplace of language in the place before the suppressive language of the Law is even born in a meeting of Voices 
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