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ISBN: 9781950282081 Géneros: Sinópsis: It39s time for your own Latino Executive ManifestoOur book Autentico The Definitive Guide to Latino Career Success has jumpstarted the discussion about what it takes to become a transformational Latino leader It took a deep dive into the life histories of twenty successful Latino executives and yielding a series of insights into how to go about increasing and nurturing Latino talent for success in corporate America Autentico struck a nerve in the Latino community and beyond People are talkingand actingNow comes the workbook Be Autentico It39s designed to be a handson method to help you create a personal Autentico Manifesto The exercises inside map to the insights found in each of the chapters of Autentico linking the content to your own experiences and reality They enable personal discovery that starts with defining how you identify as a Latino and continue through how to best focus your professional goals The end of the process yields your own personal manifesto which will serve as your individual development plan With this in hand you39ll have a clear roadmap for your journey to career successBe Autentico also includes compelling statistics about the Latino presence in the US inspirational quotes by successful Latinx executives and anecdotes from people like youNow let39s get to work
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