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ISBN: 9789526915975 Géneros: Sinópsis: At the height of the Roman Empire a young Jewish boy Saul is taken from his family in Palestine to be a slave to Marcus Tiberius of Rome But though the father of the house is obsessed with the boy it is Marcus’ son Flavius whose interest Saul returns brewing a storm within the family which Saul can only hope to weatherAs years pass and the boys grow into men their love will be tested the marriage Marcus plans for his son bringing a selfish and jealous woman between them And if she cannot tempt Flavius from Saul with kindness it will have to be crueltyIn a time when jealousy honor and rivalries were questions of life and death how can a slave protect himself from the jealousy of his mastersP J Mann’s 6th book Aquila et Noctua tells a story of love across boundaries in ancient Rome a deeply humane tale from a world thousands of years and leagues away 
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