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Sinopsis de ANTIQUEUS

Dearkin, a 352-year-old wizard takes his three charges…Eric, 18, Amanda, 14 and Harry 11 back to Antiques, the homeland he had left 112 years earlier. Being located in the mid Atlantic, the vast continent is the home of the legendary city of Atlantis. Aboard Dearkin’s flying sailboat, the Mazzergast, they pass through a time rift exiting into present day Antiques six hours, eight minutes and four seconds into the future. Completely cloaked from our world by the time differential Antiques has existed, separate from our world, for nine thousand years when a massive crystal meteorite struck the continent thrusting it into the future. Besides exploring the stunning wonders of Atlantis, the fanciful landscapes of Antiques and the diverse mix of species, Dearkin and his crew increase in number as they track down the crazy wizard who fled with parts of the life-giving Crystal, causing destructive Time Querks and advancing the Crystal towards its inevitable annihilation destroying all of Antiques. Not only fighting the Time Querk’s bizarre phenomena, the protagonists must fend off the vile hoard of Psychnaughts
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