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ISBN: 9780881458275 Géneros: Sinópsis:    The triumph of Charles Evered’s AN ACTOR’S CAROl is that it takes an old story and makes it seem new…his modernized take on Dickens ubiquitous holiday parable takes the Ebenezer Scrooge story out of PreIndustrial Revolution London and plops it in a squalid playhouse where season after season of nobudget theater has been subsidized by the holiday cash cow that A Christmas Carol has become It works because Evered’s even handed light hearted reinvention of the source material not only delivers Dickens’ original story of human redemption but also adds some very relevant ideas about tolerance inclusion and the theater Michael C Moore Kitsap Sun    If A Christmas Carol restores our love of Christmas AN ACTOR’S CAROL restores our love of Christmas AND theatre  Hal Linden Tony award winning actor       Shines a 21st Century light on an age old tale with cleverness wit and charm  V J Hume C V Independent      A charming and hilarious modernization of A Christmas Carol Catherine Randazzo Associate Artist Florida Studio Theatre
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