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ISBN: 9781970070149 Géneros: Sinópsis: After so much death this young immigrant will do anything to start her new lifeIreland 1847 Myra McCormick has lost too much to stay After the sixteenyearold39s two younger siblings die in the Irish Potato Famine she resolves to create a new family of her own As she emigrates to America she meets a college student who39s both handsome and the perfect candidate to let her live out her new dream…David Kaplan has a knack for books but no clue about the immigrant39s struggle Drawn to the desperate Irish Catholic girl his traditional Jewish upbringing is no match for their passion With her beautiful face and voice in mind he embraces her and ignores the consequencesAs pregnancy forces Myra and David together the hopes of a prosperous future may push them to venture into the dangerous unknownWill they plant the seeds for a lasting family legacy or will the brutal realities of America destroy their fragile futureAmerican Journeys From Ireland to the United States is the first book in the truetolife historical fiction series If you like courageous heroines richlydetailed settings and stories of relentless determination then you’ll love Richard Alan39s poignant taleBuy From Ireland to the United States to embark on an emotional journey today
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